The MyFlash Fingerprint Disk Has Won the 2006 CES Innovation Award in the US


ADATA Technology Inc., a world leader in memory products, announced on November 16 that its MyFlash Fingerprint Disk was chosen by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the organizers of the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the US to receive the 2006 CES Innovation Award. This award constitutes international recognition of ADATA’s outstanding design and engineering achievements in the consumer electronics field. The panel of judges for the CES Innovation Award included leading designers, engineers and senior figures in the media; the factors considered when selecting the winning product include its utility, the innovativeness of the design, its aesthetic appeal, product quality and the contribution that the product will make towards enhancing people’s quality of life. This year, there were more than 1,000 entries from 160 different countries. The CES Innovation Award, which the CEA holds every year for the products being showcased at the CES exhibition, is eagerly contested by consumer electronics manufacturers throughout the world, since it represents the ultimate “seal of approval” with respect to product performance and functionality. For ADATA Technology to have one of their products win the CES Innovation Award is a great honor for the company. The product that won the Award – ADATA’s MyFlash Fingerprint Disk – will be on display at the CES Innovation Showcase (forming part of the CES exhibition in Las Vegas) on January 5 – 8, 2006. Prior to that, consumers will be able to purchase the new product from the ADATA booth at the Taipei IT Expo, which is being held over the period December 3 – 11, 2005. See the CES Innovations 2006 website for more information about the award-winning products: 2006honorees.asp?category75 Photographs of the ADATA MyFlash Fingerprint Disk can also be viewed on the CES Innovations 2006 website:


ADATA “My Flash” Fingerprint Disk

With the embedded sweep-type sensor, the latest bio-verification technology, ADATA “My Flash” Fingerprint Disk brings you ultimate security. The data in a Fingerprint Disk can only be accessed when your fingerprint is verified; no one else can use the disk unless they have their fingerprints registered or they know the backup password. Moreover, the sleek surface displays a sense of digital fashion and taste. There is also a set of backup password for you to use in case your fingerprints are injured.

ADATA “My Flash” Fingerprint Disk

ADATA “My Flash” Fingerprint Disk enriches you digital life with portable personalized settings and a pleasant sense of security.


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