• Designed for optimized performance and reliability
  • Every IC is verified by strict quality controls
  • Low power consumption provides high efficiency
  • Fast transmission bandwidth
  • RoHS compliance


ADATA is demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing high performance and highly energy-efficient cloud cluster server memory solutions. The VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3 is the first to implement gold finger beveled design, which reduces the risks posed during system installation. Simultaneously, ADATA cloud cluster server memory utilizes imported Japanese-made capacitors MLCC, and 30µ" gold plating, raising the quality standards for this kind of module to the highest. These modules meet the stringent requirements for virtualized and non-virtualized applications, and provide the best compatibility while ensuring that the principles of low power consumption are employed, making them a trusted and eco-friendly cloud cluster server solution.

Integrated Memory Fully Meets the Demands of Cloud Cluster Servers with Remarkably High Specifications

ADATA VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3 cloud cluster server memory module is Dual In-line Memory, and is intended for mounting onto 240-pin edge connector sockets. Data output strobe, (DQS) synchronizes data output to the external clock and allows for memory to transfer the results of a read on both clock edges. Programmable CAS latency and burst length provide greater flexibility for high performance system integration.

ADATA VLP U-DIMM ECC DDR3 brings excellent quality and performance while avoiding potential damage that can be caused by improper installation. Available in 8GB density, and supporting both Intel Sandy-Bridge / Ivy-Bridge and AMD Interlagos / Valencia platforms, the module will likely make a strong impression in the cloud server memory market.


Module TypeUnbuffered DIMM ECC
Form FactorVery Low Profile (VLP: 0.72''~0.74'' height)
Memory TypeDDR3
VDD Voltage1.5V
CAS LatencyCL11
Operation TemperatureTC=0°C~85°C
Intel Platform Sandy-Bridge/Ivy-Bridge Microserver: Bromolow
AMD PlatformInterlagos/Valencia
Warranty5 years warranty
Clock Rate800MHz
Timing Cycly Time1.25ns

Ordering Info

ADATA Part No.Capacity IC Configuration Description
ADDC1600C2G11-B2GB 256MX8DDR3L VLP ECC-DIMM 2GB 1600 (11) 256X8
AD3C1600W4G11-B4GB 512MX8DDR3 VLP ECC-DIMM 4GB 1600 (11) 512X8
ADDC1600W4G11-B4GB 512MX8DDR3L VLP ECC-DIMM 4GB 1600 (11) 512X8
AD3C1600W8G11-B8GB 512MX8DDR3 VLP ECC-DIMM 8GB 1600 (11) 512X8
ADDC1600W8G11-B8GB 512MX8DDR3L VLP ECC-DIMM 8GB 1600 (11) 512X8

Data Sheet

VLP ECC-DIMM DDR3 1600 Datasheet495KB2012-06-27VLP ECC-DIMM  DDR3 1600 Datasheet
VLP ECC-DIMM DDR3 1600 Datasheet411KB2012-06-27VLP ECC-DIMM  DDR3 1600 Datasheet
VLP ECC-DIMM DDR3 1600 Datasheet1,079KB2012-06-27VLP ECC-DIMM  DDR3 1600 Datasheet