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ADATA’s Wide Temperature Range SO-DIMM DDR3L is designed for industrial systems operating under extreme environments. The DDR3L offers stability and low power consumption for operation temperatures ranging between -40°C to 85°C, an ideal fit for your industrial application needs.

Wide-Temperature Range Memory Modules for High Reliability & Stability

ADATA Wide Temperature SO-DIMM DDR3L memory modules feature an extreme temperature tolerance range between -40°C and 85°C. In industrial control environments, reliability and stability are imperative factors for avoiding crashes and system failures. ADATA Wide Temperature memory modules are built with industry DRAM IC and Passive components. Their EEPROM and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) components are all industry grade, which offers the best in high performance and reliability. ADATA’s Wide Temp SO-DIMM modules are suitable for applications including industrial automation, transportation control systems, digital signage, ticket machines, car PCs and Kiosks.

Their wide- operating temperature range is a perfect fit for harsh conditions. For example, ADATA memory modules can be installed in heavy equipment areas such as oil rigs, snow removal vehicles and energy grid controls. ADATA Wide Temp SO-DIMM DDR3L is an ideal fit for any industrial application, as you are sure to benefit from its reliability and stability.


Module TypeWide Temp SO-DIMM
Form FactorStandard (1.18" height)
Memory TypeDDR3L
VDD Voltage1.35V
CAS LatencyCL11
Operation TemperatureTC= -40°C~85°C
Intel Platform N/A
AMD PlatformN/A

Ordering Info

ADATA Part No.Capacity IC Configuration Description
ADDI1600C2G11-B2GB 256MX8DDR3L SO-DIMM(W) 2GB 1600 (11) 256X8
AD4I2400W4G17-B4GB 512MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 4GB 2400 (17) 512X8
AD4I2666W4G19-B4GB 512MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 4GB 2666 (19) 512X8
ADDI1600W4G11-B4GB 512MX8DDR3L SO-DIMM(W) 4GB 1600 (11) 512X8
AD4I240038G17-B8GB 1024MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 8GB 2400 (17) 1024X8
AD4I266638G19-B8GB 1024MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 8GB 2666 (19) 1024X8
ADDI1600W8G11-B8GB 512MX8DDR3L SO-DIMM(W) 8GB 1600 (11) 512X8
AD4I2400316G17-B16GB 1024MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 16GB 2400 (17) 1024X8
AD4I2666316G19-B16GB 1024MX8DDR4 SO-DIMM(W) 16GB 2666 (19) 1024X8

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