SR2000 U.2 / AIC SSD Cooling Design

SR2000 U.2 / AIC SSD Cooling Design

Heat dissipation is one of the most important priorities for each application server component.At the time of developing the ADATA PCIe SR2000 series, various experimental analyses were adopted to adjust the shape, quantity, height, and spacing of the heat dissipation fins to reduce wind resistance; in addition, multiple optimizations were done to heatsinks and the SSD itself to find the ideal combination for the best heat dissipation efficiency performance.

Add-In-Card(AIC): SR2000CP

By increasing the number of heat dissipation fins and reducing PCB thickness, the SR2000CP AIC can ensure an appropriate operating temperature for NAND Flash to be kept under 45° C.

2.5" U.2: SR2000SP

A large area of the SR2000SP U.2 is covered with heat dissipation fins that ensures the SSD can maintain excellent heat dissipation efficiency and stability when installed on different types of servers.