Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

May 2023
Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

Samsung announced severe cuts to its memory chip production due to decreased market demand

• market observers believe the cuts will focus on DDR4

• NAND flash and memory IC inventory equalization could happen as soon as Q3 2023 “Exynos” branding instead calling them “Galaxy Chip(s)”.

• Hackers who breached WDC are pushing the company to negotiate a ransom in exchange for not publishing the stolen data

• Kioxia Corporation entered into a long-term agreement to license Adeia’s semiconductor patent portfolio

Adeia licenses and partners with WW semiconductor companies with a large portfolio of intellectual property covering hybrid bonding, semiconductor packaging, and semiconductor processing technologies

SK Hynix’s high bandwidth memory (HBM) market share to exceed 50% in 2023.

• HBM market share of other suppliers: Samsung 40% Micron 10%

• Hynix is the only supplier that mass produces HBM3 products, preparing for the launch of NVIDIA H100 and AMD MI300 in 2H23.

Micron 2Q23 revenue was $3.7 billion, down 53% Y/Y

• revenue composition: DRAM 74%, NAND 24% NAND: 1.176/232L represent over 90% of NAND bit production 2.Micron 2400 as the only 176L QLC SSD qualified at OEMs.

• revenue by BU: compute & networking (21%↓ Q/Q) > mobile (44%↑ Q/Q) > embedded (14%↓ Q/Q) > storage (25%↓ Q/Q) compute & networking: cloud going down while consumer being stable embedded: automotive markets were relatively stable compared to industrial and consumer ones


WW SSD Shipment

Worldwide SSD shipment is expected to grow gradually from Q223.

WW DRAM Output

Global output drops to a new low compared to 2022, especially mobile RAM supply, while PC DRAM production is recovered slightly.

NAND Flash 512Gb TLC Contract Price and Sufficiency, 2022 - 2023

NAND Sufficiency: NAND Flash stock level rises slightly in May yet is expected to drop significantly in Q3.
Price Trend: NAND Flash price trend drops a bit in response to rising stock level, keeping approaching contracts low.

DDR4 8Gb 1G*8 3200MHz ASP and Sufficiency , 2022-2023

DRAM Sufficiency: DRAM oversupply status has been looking up since the beginning of 2023,huge supply May.
Price Trend: D4 8Gb contract price had dead cross over spot low in Apr.,23, and will maintain below spot low level throughout 2023.


  Type Supply Price

DRAM Module


Flash Storage


3D TLC (BiCS3)

*Limited Supply.

We encourage you to migrate to BiCS4 and BiCS5

3D TLC (BiCS4)
3D TLC (BiCS5)

Smooth supply Tight supply Flat Upward trend   Downward trend


The price of DDR memory modules in the market has almost reached a bottom level. However, there are signals that suggest the price may soon rebound. Given this situation, we invite you to consider placing a contract price order with us to take advantage of this opportunity.