Press Release

ADATA Industrial Launches Custom Conformal Coating Technology ——Supporting Companies in Harsh Environments

Taipei, Taiwan – September 12, 2023 – ADATA, the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, announced that it will provide custom conformal coating services for all product lines. By covering the surface of the PCBA with a special polymer coating, a protective film is formed to shield the SSD/DRAM printed circuit boards and components from environmental influences, effectively resisting damage by external factors such as dust, dirt, moisture, salt spray, or liquids while improving product reliability and durability when employed in industrial applications such as petrochemical plants, vehicles, aerospace, national defense, railway systems, and transportation control systems.

ADATA's Industrial’s R&D team carefully selects polydimethylsiloxane formulations with superior quick-drying and moisture-proof properties and uses faster, more accurate automated equipment to produce protective coatings, providing customers with precise spray thickness and the best performance to ensure that storage devices maintain a high degree of product integrity and extended service lifespan despite being operating in harsh environments!

ADATA Industrial’s custom conformal coating technology:

Utilizes polydimethylsiloxane coating for quick drying and superior moisture/conductivity resistance

Automatic coating equipment is used to ensure complete coverage around the IC, PIN corners, and BGA solder balls.

Rapid coating of precise shapes at thicknesses of 50um-210um

Quick drying of components in curing oven

Complies with IPC-A-610E/UV light/Burger test, including sand and dust testing, salt spray testing, moisture-proof testing, anti-conductivity testing, and other inspection standards

Compatible with multiple inspection standards including MIL-STD-810G, ASTM B-117, RoHS, and UL

“Reinforced Within, Reinforced Withouthelps industrial systems withstand harsh environments

In order to mitigate the extreme operating environments, severe equipment vibration, and unstable voltage encountered by industrial applications, ADATA Industrial also provides exclusive solutions tailored for customers working in "harsh environments." The potential danger of data loss due to power failure are resolved through built-in voltage detection and power failure protection mechanisms and equipment can be operated normally even when subjected to severe vibration and impact. Additional temperature sensors and thermal throttling technology make storage devices more resistant to high temperatures. According to customer requirements, ADATA Industrial provides value-added conformal coating and anti-sulfuration technologies to prevent the ingress of sand and dust, high salinity corrosion, chemical corrosion, accidental contamination, and reduce the risk of equipment damage. At the same time, ADATA Industrial's proprietary "A+ Duplicator" data backup and restoration software integrates software and hardware technology to actively backup data and prevent damage caused by data loss due to corrosion and short circuits.

ADATA's Industrial’s integrated software and hardware R&D team works both internally and externally to provide customers with more durable and reliable high-quality storage products, from hardware quality to firmware technology to value-added services. To learn more about ADATA's value-added technologies, please visit the official ADATA Industrial website: