Press Release

ADATA Industrial to Showcase Superior AI Storage Solutions at Embedded World

Taipei, Taiwan – March 20, 2024 – ADATA Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, announced that it will participate in Embedded World from April 9th ​​to 11th in Nuremberg, Germany. ADATA Industrial is heralding a theme of "Forging the Future of Industrial Edge AI" and will take advantage of this exhibition to showcase its new BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products, high DWPD solid-state drives (SSD), and high performance/low power industrial-grade ECC U-DIMM / ECC SO-DIMM / R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) memory featuring wide operating temperature, anti-sulfuration, high durability, improved data security, moisture-proofing, and anti-fouling technology. These products are perfect for harsh environments and fully demonstrate ADATA Industrial’s three key advantages of large-capacity data flow, extremely fast and efficient reading/writing, and security support. In addition, a variety of successful customer applications using ATrack Technology's miniPCIe interface industrial communication modules will be displayed onsite as examples of powerful performance in smart encryption, automated factories, and vehicle-mounted platforms. We will work with industrial customers to create AI storage and various types of vertical AI market applications. ADATA Industrial welcomes you to our booth (Hall 1 - 128) at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in Germany to learn more about ADATA Industrial’s leadership and innovation in the field of AI storage.

Keys to AI storage: smooth flow of big data, extremely fast and efficient transmission, security support

ADATA Industrial will exhibit various BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products, high DWPD enterprise-class SSDs, and extreme high-performance enterprise-class NVMe Gen4/Gen5 SSDs that support various M.2 2280/EDSFF E3.S/E1 .S form factor specifications and meet the needs of edge servers to efficiently process big data. These products also support the TCG OPAL encryption mechanism and power-off protection technology, reinforcing data security and integrity. High performance and low power consumption industrial-grade ECC U-DIMM/ECC SO-DIMM/R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) memory will also be displayed, featuring Side-band ECC and On-die ECC dual error correction mechanisms and equipped with an independent power management IC (PMIC) which stabilizes power supply, effectively improves data fault tolerance, and thus improving the accuracy of AI data transmission. In addition, industrial-grade R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) memory is equipped with a Register between DRAM and the system, which can ensure stable signal transmission for AI edge servers when processing big data.

R&D team provides custom software and hardware integration technology

ADATA Technology will also showcase the proprietary A SSDTOOL and A Duplicator created by ADATA Industrial’s R&D team. The powerful A SSDTOOL can help customers monitor and manage every ADATA SSD in their system. System administrators can check SSD status with "S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring" and "Product Life Information." Users can instantly analyze SSD health and be aware of its remaining lifespan through various parameters provided by A SSDTOOL including hard drive information, diagnostics, utilities, and system information, so as to prepare for SSD replacement as early as possible and avoid downtime risk. In industrial environments, A Duplicator is a software and hardware integration technology designed for enterprises to reduce the risk of data loss and quickly recover data. Users can use this program to back up important data in advance with a few simple steps. Data can be restored quickly when it is damaged or lost. In addition, ADATA Industrial will also exhibit the "100K" series of products that support a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, providing more efficient, stable, and durable solutions for edge computing, high-speed 5G transmission, AIoT, smart transportation, AI monitoring, and other applications. In the future, ADATA will continue to work closely with major chip manufacturers to continue expanding the "100K" series of products and develop more software and hardware integration technologies coupled with flexible customized services to provide customers in various industries with higher performance, longer lifespan, and more cost-effective storage solutions.

ADATA Industrial’s flexible worldwide supply chain

ADATA Industrial’s aim is to provide high-quality products and services to industrial customers around the world. ADATA Industrial is actively expanding and building its global manufacturing network. Currently, the company has built five precision factories located in Taiwan, China, Brazil and India to meet global demand. With its fully automated and advanced production model, ADATA Industrial can flexibly supply industrial storage products with comprehensive specifications, durability, and reliability, further improving our customers’ cost advantages and product competitiveness.

Embedded World 2024 exhibition information is as follows, we welcome you to the ADATA booth
Date: April 9-11, 2024

Location: Nuremberg Exhibition Centre

Booth No.: Hall 1 – 128