Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

April 2023
Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

Samsung speeds up in-house CPU Core development with ex-AMD engineer hired Samsung is aiming to use its own CPU cores for both smartphones and laptops, probably only be rolling out by 2027, and it will drop the “Exynos” branding instead calling them “Galaxy Chip(s)”.

WD Kioxia and Western Digital have revealed their jointly developed 8th Generation BiCs 3D NAND memory device featuring 218 active layers. The 2 companies are the first 3D NAND makers in the world to unveil a flash memory IC with a 3200 MT/s I/O, leapfrogging competitors by 33%.

SK Hynix recently published details about its 8th Gen 3D NAND memory device with over 300 active layers. The doubled bit density is expected to increase the per-wafer productivity of the new manufacturing node when it arrives sometime in the 2024-25 timeframe.

· Micron’s DRAM revenue fell by 41.2%, recording the largest revenue decline among suppliers

· Micron’s DRAM capacity utilization rate has fallen to 84% and is expected to stay at this level through 2023

· Micron has begun mass production with its latest 1beta nm process. Its operation in Taiwan will also deploy this process with wafer input scheduled for the middle of 2023, mass production taking place during 2H23.


WW SSD Shipment

W.W. SSD Shipment: Worldwide SSD shipment is expected to grow gradually from Q223.

WW DRAM Output

Global output falls to a new low compared to 2022, while PC DRAM production is recovered slightly.

NAND Flash 512Gb TLC Contract Price and Sufficiency, 2022 - 2023

NAND Sufficiency: NAND Flash stock level decreases significantly in Q2 comparing to the last 2Qs in 2022.
Price Trend: NAND Flash price trend is expected to be flat in Q2, approaching contract low in Q3.

DDR4 8Gb 1G*8 3200MHz ASP and Sufficiency , 2022-2023

DRAM Sufficiency: DRAM oversupply status has been looking up since the beginning of 2023.
Price Trend: 8Gb contract price has hit the spot low in Q1, and is expected to rise slightly in Q3.


  Type Supply Price

DRAM Module


Flash Storage


3D TLC (BiCS3)

*Limited Supply.

We encourage you to migrate to BiCS4 and BiCS5

3D TLC (BiCS4)
3D TLC (BiCS5)

Smooth supply Tight supply Flat Upward trend   Downward trend


The availability of BICS3 (96-layer) flash is becoming limited. However, it will still be available on the market, but placing an order earlier will guarantee timely delivery. 

Moreover, Samsung recently declared that it intends to reduce the production of its memory chip. We are closely monitoring the situation to determine the extent of the reduction and the resulting price impact, and we will keep you updated as soon as we have more information. 

Overall, we anticipate that prices will stabilize during Q2, but we advise you to stay updated with our news to plan your orders accordingly.