Press Release

ADATA Industrial Releases Industrial-grade DDR5 5600 Memory Series - High frequency & low latency stability for the AI edge computing market

Taipei, Taiwan – April 11, 2024 – ADATA Technology, the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, has officially launched a series of industrial-grade DDR5 5600 memory modules. This product line includes R-DIMM, U-DIMM/SO-DIMM, and ECC U-DIMM/SO-DIMM. As of now, DDR5 products are widely used by major PC and server manufacturers. According to a TrendForce forecast: “The DDR5 penetration rate will reach more than 50% in the third quarter of 2024. Coupled with increasing future demand for AI servers, a new generation of DDR5 memory is expected to enter a period of rapid growth.” ADATA Industrial’s industrial-grade DDR5 5600 memory has passed stringent environmental tests including for high temperature, low temperature, and cyclic temperature, ensuring that the entire range of DDR5 products possess excellent stability and reliability while accelerating the replacement of DDR4 in the mainstream market.

ADATA Industrial’s industrial-grade DDR5 5600 memory series utilizes factory original industrial-grade wide-temperature chips and is available in a variety of capacity options including 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB. These products support Intel's 13th generation and later Alder Lake processors to meet a variety of client needs. In terms of product structure, compared with previous generation DDR4, ADATA Industrial’s industrial-grade DDR5 memory series has undergone six major cross-performance design architecture adjustments to meet significant performance improvements in speed, power consumption, and data integrity, including:

1. Increased frequency up to 5600 MT/s

2. 1.1V ultra-low power consumption for up to 8% energy savings

3. Two 32-bit dual channels improve the efficiency of intensive data access

4. No delay Bank Group access

5. Independent PMIC improves power conversion efficiency

6. Dual ECC error correction mechanism optimizes data fault tolerance

As a storage brand that has long been invested in industrial applications, ADATA's Industrial’s technology team not only strictly selects IC hardware that meets industrial specifications and wide temperature ranges (-40 ~ 95), but also provides more rugged solutions according to customer needs. For example, customized technologies such as 30µ PCB gold plating, anti-sulfuration, and conformal coating ensure that products can provide excellent stability and reliability in extremely harsh environments.

Currently, ADATA Industrial’s industrial-grade DDR5 5600 memory has been introduced into applications such as servers and industrial computers. ADATA Industrial's in-house R&D team will also continue to elaborate on a number of functions and specifications such as 6400 MT/s, VLP DIMM, ECC VLP, etc. to complete the company’s product portfolio. The DDR5 series memory product line conforms to market segments with extremely high performance requirements such as 5G, AIoT, and smart manufacturing, and provides excellent performance for applications such as small workstations, edge servers, high-performance computers, and industrial computers.

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