For enhanced safety and smarter transportation


As cities develop, the transportation issue has become more severe; traditional solutions can no longer solve new transportation issues. Therefore, “Smart Transportation” applications were born. People, vehicles and roads can now work closer together by effectively integrating advanced information technology, data transmission technology, and computer computation into transportation management systems, improving transportation environments and further improving resource utilization. Effective transportation management depends on various backend systems; these systems must be industrial-grade storage products with good stability to provide real-time and reliable services. ADATA, which has been committed to the transportation application field for many years, provides a series of high-quality storage solutions for six major scenarios:

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC): The ETC system must quickly identify vehicle information and collect tolls automatically; since highways have high traffic flows, the storage device in ETC systems must operate stably for long periods of time.

Solution:  ADATA industrial-grade 2.5-inch solid state drives (SSD) have a maximum capacity of up to 4TB and up to 3,000 P/E (Program/Erase) cycles; it also has the advantage of low power consumption, which is ideal for ETC systems that require uninterrupted operation 24/7. 

Road monitoring system:  This includes the surveillance cameras on the roads and the backend monitoring hosts. Road monitoring cameras require recording for long periods of time, and they are usually compact in size. Therefore, the storage device they usually use are SD cards or microSD cards. 

Solution: ADATA 3D TLC industrial-grade storage cards include the LDPC ECC automatic error correction function. They also comply with the V10 recording speed specification and can write a maximum of 10MB of images per second. The backend monitoring hosts require remote monitoring of various areas and integrated management of the data from the various areas. Large capacity SSDs support the "Power Loss Protection" function can prevent data loss. 

Vehicle monitoring system: Currently, large vehicles such as buses and trucks have this system built-in already to assist the driver and ensure driving safety. The in-vehicle cameras do not require large storage capacities, but require higher P/E (Program/Erase) cycles to prolong useful life.

Solution: They can be used with ADATA’s industrial-grade SD cards and microSD cards that have over 3,000 P/E cycles.

Ticket vending machines: This equipment and system require long-term processing of large amounts of “continuous reading and writing” instructions; therefore, stable and durable storage products are the most important thing.

Solution:  ADATA’s industrial-grade 2.5-inch M.2 2280, M.2 2242, mSATA solid state drives (SSD) and its CFast, SD and microSD storage cards can all bear over 3,000 times of P/E (Program/Erase) cycle, have low power consumption, and supports the ECC error correction function, able to ensure long and stable operations for the system.

Rail detection and early warning system: This system needs to detect the status of the rails in real-time and notify the backend platform immediately whenever there are abnormalities in order to maintain passenger safety; however, storage devices configured on the rails must face various rigorous challenges from outdoor environments.

Solution: Features of ADATA’s industrial-grade solid state drives (SSD) support the "Power Loss Protection" function, anti-vibration, and wide temperature operability from -40°C to 85°C. They can prevent the detection and early warning systems from being affected irresistible external forces and unable to operate normally. In addition, customers can also use the S.M.A.R.T. monitor function in the SSD software developed by ADATA, the “A⁺ SSDTool”, to grasp the status of the SSD and perform preventive maintenance in advance.

Smart parking system: Smart parking and automatic fare collection systems not only improve the efficiencies of parking lots, the privacy of the information that they store internally, such as the information of the vehicle owner, the vehicle license number and location, etc., must also be protected.

Solution: ADATA’s data security software/hardware integration technology, “A⁺ Security”, has integrated all SSD and CFast cards, including data encryption, write protect and secure erase functions, able to add an additional layer of security protection for the stored data.

For the transportation application scenarios mentioned above, ADATA Industrial already has large numbers of successful cases around the world. ADATA not only has independent and professional R&D and PM teams, able to integrate “hardware, software and firmware” customized services effectively, it also has the advantage of “stable supply” , able to help customers implement new generations of industrial-grade 3D NAND Flash storage products and memories earlier to prepare for upgrades in advance and grasp market opportunities.