Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

September 2023
Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

Samsung ranked #1 in rebounding DRAM revenue among primary DRAM suppliers in 2Q23

• A 8.6% Q/Q revenue increased thanks to demand on inventory buildup by module houses and AI server setups.

• The company’s operating margin improved from -24% to -9%.

WDC enhances data center flexibility and scalability by releasing NVMe flash over fabric (NVMe-oF) solutions

• the new storage solutions enable an ecosystem, providing more possibility to unlock the potential of AI, object storage data centers for cloud, edge, and enterprises.

• WDC is now the only company with vertical integration capabilities on the Ethernet wire, hence is able to deliver solutions for data transferring between server initiator and storage target.

SK Hynix developed next-gen DRAM for AI applications, CS stage underway

• the firm plans to mass produce HBM3E from 1H24, which can process data up to 1.15TB/s, same as processing more than 230 Full-HD movies of 5GB-size each in 1s.

• Hynix plans to bolster its sales of HBM3, DDR5 , LPDDR5, and 176-layer 3D NAND-based SSDs in a bid to increase revenue, as these products lead to a 44% sequential increase in revenue for the 2nd quarter.

• with MR-MUF technology, HBM3E comes with a 10% improvement in heat dissipation.

Micron announced CXL-based sample availability

• 128-256GB CZ120 composes servers with: 1. more memory capacity-build servers with up to 2TB of incremental memory capacity 2. low latency 3. 96%↑ database queries per day 4. 36GB/s memory R/W bandwidth/CPU, 24%↑ better than what a single R-DIMM can do in servers


WW SSD Shipment

getting better in 2H23 and is expected to reach new heights in 4Q24.

WW DRAM Output

DRAM production for mobile and server accounts for 1st and 2nd largest portion among all demand, and is likely to grow starting from 1Q24.

NAND Flash 512Gb TLC Contract Price and Sufficiency, 2023 - 2024

NAND Sufficiency: Maintained at extreme low level from 2H23 to 2024.

Price Trend: NAND Flash price might increase slightly in 4Q23, and will climb more intensively in 2024.

DDR4 8Gb 1G*8 3200MHz ASP and Sufficiency , 2023-2024

DRAM Sufficiency: Maintained at extreme low level starting from 4Q23.
Price Trend: 8Gb contract price still remaining lower than spot price throughout 4Q23-2024, yet both will experience gradually increase in the same time period.


  Type Supply Price

DRAM Module


Flash Storage


3D TLC (BiCS3)

*Limited Supply.

We encourage you to migrate to BiCS4 and BiCS5

3D TLC (BiCS4)
3D TLC (BiCS5)

Smooth supply Tight supply Flat Upward trend   Downward trend


Looking towards the third quarter, we expect a gradual recovery in memory prices, particularly in the DDR module category. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that market fluctuations could lead to reduced clarity regarding pricing and supply.
To effectively manage this situation, we are being cautious in accepting contract frame orders. We strongly advise you to engage in a discussion with your account manager regarding your Q4 demand. This will allow us to plan accordingly, ensuring the best possible pricing and allocation for your needs.


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