Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

November 2023
Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

Samsung’s process technology improvement brings significant benefits for performance and power consumption

• The company aims to release chips made by SF1.4 technology in 2027,which is 1.4nm-class and will gain nanosheets from three to four.

• Mechanism of increasing nanosheets per transistor:

1.enhancement of driving current→improving chip performance

2. better control of the current flow→reducing leakage current and power consumption

Negotiations between Kioxia and Western Digital terminated due to Hynix’s opposition

• WDC exited the talks with Kioxia after losing approval from Hynix, as the latter is indirect shareholder in Kioxia.

• The combined market share of these two firms for NAND memories stood at 35.4% as of Mar.,23, larger Samsung which accounted for 34.3%.

• The two companies are expected to continue partnering on chip development and plants investment despite existing status.

SK Hynix endeavors consolidating its position in future AI infrastructure

• The company recorded a 24% revenue growth and 38% operating losses narrowed compared with 2FQ23 thanks to strong demand for high-performance mobile flagship products and HBM3, a key product for AI applications, and high-capacity DDR5.

• Hynix plans to increase investments in HBM, DDR5 and LPDDR5. It will also increase the share of the products manufactured from the 1anm and 1bnm, the 4th and the 5th generations of the 10nm process.

Micron initiates construction on memory manufacturing fab

• The factory is located in Boise, home to Micron’s corporate HQs and the only DRAM R&D fabrication facility in North America.

• Co-locating the memory manufacturing fab is expected to provide multiple strategic benefits for Micron and the US semiconductor industry at large as Micron continues to drive industry leadership.


2023-2024 Worldwide SSD Shipment

Demand is likely to reach new heights in 4Q23.

2023-2024 Worldwide DRAM Output

DRAM production for all applications is expected to have stable growth starting from 4Q23.

2023-2024 NAND Price Trend & Sufficiency Ratio

NAND Sufficiency: maintained at extreme low level from 2H23 to 2024

Price Trend: NAND Flash price to grow slowly and gradually throughout 4Q23 to 3Q24,after a sharp rise in 3Q23

2023-2024 DDR4 Price Trend & Sufficiency Ratio

DRAM Sufficiency: maintained at extreme low level starting from 4Q23
Price Trend: 8Gb contract price will not increase obviously until 2024/B, and may penetrate spot low level in Dec.,24.


  Type Supply Price

DRAM Module


Flash Storage


3D TLC (BiCS3)

*Limited Supply.

We encourage you to migrate to BiCS4 and BiCS5

3D TLC (BiCS4)
3D TLC (BiCS5)

Smooth Supply Mildly Tight Supply Tight supply Flat Upward trend   Downward trend


While the market study may not indicate a significant price increase in Q4, we have observed a continuous uptrend in spot market prices. This uptrend is driven by supply-side factors, as chip manufacturers have significantly reduced production.
At ADATA, we are committed to supporting our long-term loyal customers in managing this price increase. We encourage you to get in touch with your account sales representative to discuss potential offers for booking your orders for 2024.


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