Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

June 2022
Monthly Memory & Flash Market Watch

Samsung Electronics introduces industry’s first 512GB CXL memory module targeting AI and big data services. Newly developed CXL memory packs 4x the memory capacity over the previous version, enabling a server to scale to tens of terabytes with only one-fifth of the system latency.

Western Digital has announced its collaboration with KIOXIA to manufacture a 162-Layer NAND flash, known as the sixth-generation BiCS NAND flash. It is lower than most competitors who offer 176-layer stacks on their NAND flash drives. WD and KIOXIA reported to be looking to create a BiCS+ NAND flash, which will offer 200-layers by 2024. WD and KIOXIA's multi-year plan will reach as far as 2032, and they hope to offer a 500-layer NAND flash by that time.

SK Hynix builds new wafer factory in Dalian, North East China's Liaoning Province, further expanding its business in China after acquiring Intel's assets in the region. The new manufacturing facility will promote the competitive power of its local capacity as well as secure supply in the Chinese market, according to the president of SK Hynix in China, in a media report published on May 16.

Micron on May 12 announced the industry's first 3D NAND memory device featuring 232 layers with a raw capacity of 1Tb (128GB). On May 25, Micron announced that it is planning to start volume production for its 1-beta nm process node in Taiwan next year, and Micron is planning to install extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography tools at its Taichung fab later this year. The CEO said it is in early preparation for its 1-gamma nm DRAM node volume production.


NAND Flash 512Gb TLC Contract Price and Sufficiency, 2021 - 2022

NAND Sufficiency: Shortage in 2Q22 is going to end and expect to recover in July.
Price Trend: SSD contract price is expected to remain at the same level.

DDR4 8Gb 1G*8 3200MHz ASP and Sufficiency, 2021 - 2022

DRAM Sufficiency: Global demand is weaker, so it is predicted to be a slight oversupply to 2022/E.
Price Trend: Contract prices are expected to remain flat.


  Type Supply Price

DRAM Module


Flash Storage

3D TLC (BiCS3)
3D TLC (BiCS4)

3D TLC (BiCS5)

Smooth supply Tight supply Flat Upward trend   Downward trend


With the introduction of new generations of NAND flash such as BiCS4 (96-layer) and BiCS5 (112-layer), the SSD supply in the market is stable now. For legacy users, the delivery from W.D. of 3D TLC BiCS3 (64-layer) in May also closed the demand gap. Overall, the flash market is more predictable with a clear forecast. 
To secure your project cycle, we encourage you to adopt NAND flash with the latest generation. Usually, it offers 3-years above longevity and gives you the benefit of price advantage and supply steadiness.  


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