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ADATA Industrial to Attend D Forum Exploring a New Era of Smart Manufacturing and AI Storage

Taipei, Taiwan – October 6, 2023 – ADATA Industrial, the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, will participate in a D Forum event focusing on smart factories on October 17. This edition of D Forum will focus on AI applications and ADATA Industrial will showcase AI high-performance storage in the form of its DDR5 5600 series industrial-grade memory modules and various 112-layer (BiCS5) solutions. These powerful products demonstrate ADATA’s unique research and development capabilities that meet the key requirements of various AI-related vertical applications such as storing huge quantities of data, accommodating extremely fast data transfer, and strengthening information security.

We welcome you to ADATA Industrial’s booth #16on the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) 1st floor to learn more about ADATA Industrial’s leadership and innovation in industrial-grade embedded storage.


ADATA Industrial proposes impressive solutions for three major AI application shortcoming

In line with recent AI ​​trends, ADATA Industrial’s R&D team has developed a series of storage products and unique value-added technologies to facilitate the connectivity of huge quantities of data and fulfil the need for extremely fast data transfer and security, which are among the most important issues concerning vertical applications in this field.

Seamless Data Connectivity

ADATA Industrial will showcase a series of BiCS5 3D (e)TLC storage products that utilize KIOXIA and WDC components, covering a variety of mainstream specifications including 2.5-inch, M.2 2280/2242, mSATA SSDs, CFast/microSD memory card, etc. In addition to efficient and durable industrial-grade SSDs, ADATA Industrial will also showcase enterprise-level 7.68TB large-capacity SATA III SSDs and BiCS5 M.2 2280 eTLC SSDs, which have passed various verifications and reached DWPD>1, significantly increasing the service life of SSDs.

Enhanced High-Speed

Taking into account the continuous and intensive collection, transmission, and computing operations that must be performed on extensive quantities of data at edge nodes or workstations, ADATA Industrial supplies PCIe Gen4x4 ultra-high-speed transmission interface SSDs, DRAM Buffer high-speed/low-latency transmission product series, and DDR5 5600 series memory modules that support data feedback and offer smooth operation at the fastest speeds.

Strengthened Security Systems

As next-gen industries develop towards the cloud and artificial intelligence, data privacy has become one of the most serious issues in digital trade. ADATA Industrial builds comprehensive security mechanism for its customers: proprietary A+ Security data protection technology - in addition to utilizing data erasure/data encryption technology, A+ Security emphasizes Write Protect, which can be set through software and hardware and easily activated to ensure powerful data security and protect data confidentiality from exposure and tampering. In addition, ADATA Industrial’s proprietary data security encryption software A+ OPAL is applicable to all ADATA industrial-grade NVMe and SATA III SSDs supporting TCG OPAL. Customers can implement complete encryption protection quickly and easily. Furthermore, in order to enhance data reliability, ADATA Industrial Power Loss Protect is implemented through software and hardware, utilizing highly stable Tantalum polymer capacitors which power on to back up important data on the hard drive when the system powers off unexpectedly.

Building a new era of AI storage through high-performance, low-power consumption industrial-grade DDR5 5600 memory

Another highlight of ADATA Industrial at D Forum is its high-performance, low-power DDR5 5600 industrial-grade memory solution, which is available in a variety of specifications including U-DIMM, SO-DIMM, R-DIMM, etc. In addition to high-frequency transfer, these memory modules only require a low 1.1V to operate. This solution also supports on-die ECC error correction and industrial-grade wide temperature (-40 to 85) operation, allowing stable and accurate signal transmission under extreme temperatures and providing stable storage performance for AI edge computing servers. In addition, ADATA Industrial can provide customized services according to customer needs, such as anti-sulfurization technology and conformal coating to protect against contamination, dust, and humidity in chemical-laden environments and greatly extend the service life of products.

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D Forum Smart Factory Series Forum information as follows. Come visit ADATA Industrial’s booth:

Date: 10/17/2023

Location: Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)

Booth No.: 16


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