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ADATA Industrial Invited to 2024 Taiwan Expo in India to Showcase the World's Leading AI Storage Brand

Taipei, Taiwan – June 26, 2024 – ADATA Technology Co., Ltd., the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, announced that it will participate in the "Taiwan Expo in India" hosted by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and TAITRA from July 8 to 10. held in New Delhi, the capital of India. After being successfully held in Mumbai last year, Taiwan Expo in India will return to New Delhi for a grand exhibition after five years. The New Taipei City Government, the Taipei Computer Association, and the Taiwan Textile Federation will organize a group to participate in the exhibition and compete for sales in India, showing that Taiwanese companies are focused on and look forward to opportunities in the Indian market. ADATA Industrial will use this exhibition to demonstrate its determination to actively expand in Indian. ADATA's Indian factory is actively introducing a complete ECR control process, aimed at achieving stable local production and consistent and reliable project quality.


Espousing a theme of "Forging the Future of Industrial Edge AI," ADATA Industrial will showcase a variety of new BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products, high DWPD solid-state drives (SSD), and industrial-grade memory modules. The company will also showcase high-performance/low-power ECC U -DIMM / ECC SO-DIMM / R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) that integrate wide temperature, anti-sulfation, high durability, data security, moisture-proof, and anti-fouling technologies, allowing use in harsh environments and fully demonstrating their three key advantages of large-capacity data flow, extremely fast and efficient reading/writing, and support for security mechanisms.

We welcome you to ADATA’s booth (Hall 2 - 703) at the Bharat Mandapam (Pragati Maidan) Convention Centre in New Delhi to learn more about ADATA Industrial’s leadership and innovation in the field of AI storage.


Smooth flow of big data, extremely fast and efficient transmission, and security mechanisms define new era of smart AI storage

Various BiCS5 3D(e)TLC storage products and high DWPD enterprise-class SSDs will be displayed at Bharat Mandapam this year and ADATA industrial will launch extremely high-performance NVMe Gen4 SSDs that support the TCG OPAL encryption mechanism and power-down protection technology, providing reliable data security and integrity. A variety of industrial-grade memory modules, high-performance and low-power ECC U-DIMM/ECC SO-DIMM/R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) will also be on display, all with Side-band ECC and On-die ECC dual error correction mechanisms and equipped with an independent PMIC (Power Management IC), effectively improving data fault tolerance and providing a more stable power supply, thus improving the accuracy of AI data transmission. R-DIMM (Registered DIMM) industrial-grade memory is equipped with a Register between the DRAM and the system, which can ensure stable transmission when AI ​​edge computing servers process huge quantities of data.


R&D team provides customized software and hardware integration

Taking into account the characteristics of the huge quantities of data that must run continuously and intensively on edge nodes or workstations for collection, transmission, and computing operations, ADATA Industrial has upgraded its A+ SLC technology to increase the P/E Cycles of 3D flash memory products to 100,000, significantly extending SSD lifespan and providing high durability. Furthermore, when it comes to smart automation, harsh operating environments, and extreme temperature tolerance, ADATA Industrial has also launched corresponding wide-temperature resistant storage products. These products must all pass ADATA Industrial's exclusive wide-temperature testing process (Wide Temperature Test Flow) before leaving the factory. Products are tested to ensure that operation remains stable and reliable in the temperature range of -40°C to 85°. In addition, ADATA Industrial's exclusive data security encryption software A+ OPAL is a solution suitable for all ADATA industrial-grade NVMe and SATA III SSDs that support TCG OPAL, saving time, simplifying procedures, and assisting users obtain complete encryption protection. In order to enhance data reliability, ADATA Industrial implements Power Loss Protect technology in software and hardware, using reliable Tantalum polymer capacitors to activate a protection mechanism when the system is abnormally powered off and back up important data to the hard drive.


ADATA Industrial’s flexible supply chain spans the world

ADATA Industrial aims to provide a stable source for high-quality products and services to global industrial customers. ADATA Industrial is actively expanding and building its global factory network. Currently, ADATA Industrial operates five precision factories around the world tasked to meet global demand located in Taiwan, China, Brazil, and India. With its fully automated and advanced production model, ADATA Industrial can provide industrial-grade storage products with comprehensive specifications, durability, and reliability coupled with a flexible supply, further improving cost advantages and product competitiveness for customers.


Taiwan Expo in India information as follows. You are welcome to visit ADATA’s booth:

Date: July 8-10, 2024

Location: Bharat Mandapam (Pragati Maidan) Convention Centre

Booth No.: Hall 2 - 703



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