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ADATA Industrial Again Upgrades BiCS5 SSD with Power Loss Protection - Integrating Software and Hardware for More Reliable Data Transfer

Taipei, Taiwan – February 22, 2024 – ADATA Industrial, the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, officially launched its industrial-grade SATA 31C series of solid-state drives (SSD) equipped with Power Loss Protection technology today, including the 2.5-inch ISSS31CP and mSATA IMSS31CP, which deliver highly reliable data transmission performance and the perfect solutions for smart transportation, smart medical care, self-service retail, and digital chemical manufacturing.

ADATA Industrial’s industrial-grade 2.5-inch ISSS31CP and mSATA IMSS31CP SSDs employ BiCS5 112-layer 3D TLC flash memory, incorporate "A+ Power" and "A+ Power Protect" mechanisms developed by the ADATA Industrial firmware team, and feature a voltage monitoring control chip that triggers the protection mechanisms. Upon this foundation, ADATA Industrial added compact high charge load capacitors for emergency power. "Hardware-based PLP" (Power Loss Protection) technology works seamlessly with three integrated software and hardware power loss protection mechanisms to prevent PCB\connector failure resulting in data loss due to power supply network, external UPS components, and system power supply malfunction (melted connectors, cable failure), or when subject to conditions involving vibration, heat, shock, etc., and minimize the probability of equipment damage caused by unexpected power outage.

Both SSDs are equipped with an external "DRAM Buffer," which significantly improves SSD random read/write performance and response speed. In addition, these products support smart "Thermal Throttling" technology which implements a tiered reduction of SSD transmission performance to allow real-time monitoring of SSD temperature and lifespan in conjunction with ADATA Industrial's exclusive "A+ SSDTOOL" (S.M.A.R.T.) to effectively prevent the potential risk of data damage caused by overheating of storage devices, extend product life, and notify the user to prepare for SSD replacement, ensuring uninterrupted system operation. Furthermore, ADATA Industrial’s technology team has integrated multiple firmware technologies such as the LDPC ECC error correction and End-to-End Data Protection mechanisms to ensure data transmission reliability and improve data integrity.

Currently, the 2.5-inch ISSS31CP and mSATA IMSS31CP SSDs are ready for mass production. More specifications and capacities will be added to ADATA Industrial’s product line in the first half of 2024, as the company continues to create professional and comprehensive industrial storage solutions. ADATA Industrial's independent R&D team also provides robust solutions for harsh environments based on equipment in different industries including "extended wide temperature" (-20 ~ 75) and "industrial grade wide temperature" (-40 ~ 85) operating temperature ranges. ADATA Industrial also offers customized technologies such as "Conformal Coating" and "Anti-Sulfuration Protection" to effectively extend product life, ensure high quality, high reliability and high durability, and fully meet the rigorous challenges prevalent in industrial environments.

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