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ADATA Industrial Unveils A⁺ OPAL Encryption Software

Taipei, Taiwan – April 20, 2022 – ADATA Technology (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 3260.TWO), a global leading brand of industrial-grade memory, including flash storage products and DRAM modules, today announces the launch of a proprietary management software that supports TCG OPAL data encryption technology, A⁺ OPAL. It applies to all ADATA's industrial-grade NVMe and SATA III solid state drives that support TCG OPAL. With an intuitive and simple interface, it enables users to safely manage storage devices, especially for data centers, servers, surveillance, healthcare, and other applications and meets the strict data security requirements of enterprises and governments.

Compared with other encryption software systems, the "Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)" hardware technology defined by TCG OPAL can provide more efficient and convenient management. A⁺ OPAL software not only greatly reduces the high threshold set by the TCG OPAL specification for users with non-technical backgrounds, but it also saves time and simplifies encrypting through the host system, making information security protection more efficient. 

A⁺ OPAL software complies with the TCG OPAL 2.0 specification and features these capabilities:

1. Simple initial setup to start TCG OPAL and implement "Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)" technology.

2. Set SID/Admin password.

3. Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), which requires authentication to boot and activate authorization.

4. Set the locking range: You can manage disk data blocks and set permissions, manage confidential data hierarchically, and improve security.

5. Reset the hard drive to factory default.

6. Check functionality and status of SSDs supporting TCG OPAL.

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and cloud storage technologies, data security in the global digital economy is a top priority. A⁺ OPAL software integrates solid state drives and data protection technologies such as "AES 256-bit data encryption", "write protection", "fast/secure erase", etc., to provide customers with data security that conforms to the international TCG OPAL 2.0 standard.

For details about A⁺ OPAL, please visit ADATA's website: 

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