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ADATA Industrial Releases eTLC SSD Series - Expanding Capacity for Dense AI Data

Taipei, Taiwan – May 23, 2024 – ADATA Technology, the world's leading brand for industrial-grade embedded storage, has launched three eTLC SSDs. This product line includes the ISSS31AP, ISSS31CP, and IM2P41B8, which utilize 112-layer 3D eTLC NAND flash memory chips. As global demand for high-end cloud services grow and data center applications surge, the adoption of DWPD1 SSDs continues to be buoyed by this rising tide. ADATA is steadily releasing industrial-grade data storage products and delivering high-end storage solutions to the industry.

ADATA 3D eTLC SSDs support both SATA and NVMe 1.4 protocols and are available in five capacity specifications of 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB, and 7.68TB to meet our customers' high-capacity needs from system boot disks to large-capacity data disks. Driven by ADATA’s in-house R&D team, the company’s 3D eTLC series of SSDs are equipped with Over-Provisioning technology and have passed the JESD219 Enterprise workload test standard. Not only do these SSDs possess extended write lifespan: 1.6 to 1.8 DWPD (drive writes per day), the P/E Cycles of these products are also increased from 3K to 7K, increasing durability by 230%. These enterprise-class SSDs fully consider the dual requirements of high performance and durability to increase storage capacity for the massive amounts of data inherent in AI edge computing and efficient computing of intensive data.

ADATA 3D eTLC SSDs utilizes DRAM Buffer and SLC Cache caching technology to improve random read/write performance. Random 4K read/write can reach a maximum of 60/45K (SATA) and 250/190K (PCIe) IOPS, ensuring terminal applications such as AI server, distributed storage, and cloud computing run smoothly and at high speeds. ADATA provides a number of data integrity technologies, based on high-performance LDPC error correction and RAID verification engines combined with end-to-end protection of data channels, NAND Die RAID redundancy recovery, a voltage detection mechanism, and large-capacity tantalum capacitor power loss protection (PLP), to fully guaranteed the accurate transmission of user data.

In order to provide users with more reliable and durable storage products, ADATA Industrial can customize products according to customer needs, providing anti-sulfuration, Side Fill, Conformal Coating, and other comprehensive solutions to improve the robustness of storage. At the same time, all customers can use ADATA’s free "A+ series" integrated value-added software to improve data security and integrity and to monitor the operating status and health of equipment in real-time.

With industry experience in supplying highly stable and high-performance products, flexible customized services, and a complete after-sales system, ADATA Industrial ensures that every enterprise-class SSD product can operate continuously, efficiently, and in a stable manner in complex industrial environments. In the future, ADATA will continue to create high-quality products to enable more efficient and stable enterprise operations and maintenance.

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