Side Fill

Side Fill

Side Fill

With electronic components such as PCB and NAND Flash becoming ever more compact and refined, solder joints are becoming smaller as well. However, smaller solder joints are more susceptible to thermal expansion and contraction or external forces that may cause PCB bending, and as a result, peel off more easily and lose conductivity.


ADATA provides Side Fill technology for all industrial grade SSDs, which can effectively reduce the pressure on solder joints. By spreading stresses throughout the component and PCB interface with a mechanical bond, less stress is concentrated on the solder joints. Side Fill technology increases product reliability and resistance to various thermal and mechanical shocks, ensuring products continue to operate normally in high vibration and under extreme environmental change and enhancing SSD reliability and lifespan.

Side Fill Flow

Fill the corners of the controller with Ultraviolet 


Curable Resin around the perimeter of a key component, leaving just one gap unapplied. This is to allow space for future thermal expansion. The corner bond adhesive is then cured with UV light to form a structural bond between the key component and the PCB.


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