A⁺ Security

A⁺ Security

A⁺ Security

As a global leader of industrial-grade memory, ADATA is dedicated to provide solutions for industries not only by durable hardware, but also by software and firmware. ADATA’s proprietary A Security data protection technologies are implemented in ADATA industrial-grade flash storage products, including data erasedata encryption and write protect. These can be widely used in various industrial applications to elevate data security. With A Security, confidential data can be effectively protected from being leaked or tampered with.

What does A Security include ?


How To Do Secure Erase?

ATA Command – Lock the Drive by Password

All SATA SSDs support “ATA command”, providing a security mechanism for both User and Master accounts by setting passwords.


The Encryption/ Decryption Flow

Two Methods To Execute Write Protect

By Software - By settings in software and firmware

Host Software 

- Send the vendor command to SSD

- Logs the write protection to maintain its validity

- Notify the FTL that the write protection write function is ready

By Hardware - By turning on the hardware switch 

The SSD PCB Features One Hardware Switch 

- Connect to the GPIO pin on the SSD controller

- Detect the GPIO pin signal 

- Notify the FTL that the write protection write function is ready


A Security-Supported SSDs

Target Applications