A⁺ Duplicator

A⁺ Duplicator

A⁺ Duplicator

Sudden Data Loss Anxiety

Industrial applications often need to withstand the test of extreme environments and threats from online hackers. Severe losses and even legal risks often manifest when ATMs, unmanned applications, retail devices, industrial automation, medical imaging diagnosis, and other applications that must process large amounts of data suffer from hardware damage, system crashes, hacker attacks, accidental deletion of files, replacement of SSDs, and other types of sudden data loss.

A Duplicator – Disaster Prevention, Painless Transfer

ADATA’s A⁺ Duplicator is a software and hardware integration technology designed for enterprises to reduce the risk of data loss and restore data quickly. Users can backup important data in advance with the software to prevent unexpected data loss. It also helps users quickly clone the current system to a new ADATA SSD.

Why you need ADATA's A Duplicator?

- Emergency Risk Management

Actively backup important data in advance and improve the speed of data recovery when operating sector issues arise, resulting in data damage or loss

- Easy Transfer

Helps users copy and migrate 1:1 the current operating system, application programs, and other data to new ADATA drives 

- Free and Reliable

Supports all ADATA SSDs, free for all customers

- Simple Operation 

Straight out-of-the-box, select the required backup and restore sectors and the amount of data according to real-world requirement. 

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