A⁺ Power Protect

A⁺ Power Protect

A⁺ Power Protect

Risks of SSD data loss 

During operation, the data in most SSDs will be temporarily saved in the DRAM or Flash cache to improve SSD performance by leveraging DRAM's fast response.  

When shut down normally: 

1. The command will be sent from the host to the SSD controller to notify the controller that power will be turned off shortly 

2. SSD controller returns a confirmation message to the host 

3. Then saves the data temporarily stored in the DRAM cache to Flash 

When the power of the host is accidentally interrupted: 

Data in transmission cannot be saved or transmitted to Flash and thus data saved in SSD will not be updated correctly. This can lead to data loss or even disable a device.

A Power Protect - Low voltage data protection technology 

ADATA industrial-grade SSDs are designed with A Power Protect to stop writing/reading as well as prevent data loss when a power outage happens or the power supply becomes unstable.

Integration of hardware and firmware for seamless operation  

A Power Protect, an independently-developed hardware/firmware integration technology, automatically detects  external voltage through VDT (voltage detected test) and circuit design, stabilizing voltage. When voltage drops to 2.7V or 2.8V from 3.3V, this technology will actively notify the SSD controller to stop new write commands immediately to ensure the integrity and reliability of data transmission.

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