A⁺ Optimal

A⁺ Optimal

A⁺ Optimal

As industrial IoT continues developing, the number of smart edge devices continues to increase rapidly. There are now higher performance and data security requirements for embedded computers and industrial storage hardware to meet the needs of industrial applications, from edge to cloud.


A Optimal proprietary firmware technology - Flexible customization with in-depth integration 

A Optimal  is an exclusive technology created by  ADATA's professional and independent firmware R&D team to achieve in-depth integration of NAND flash memory, controllers, and SSD components. Highly flexible custom firmware is provided to industrial customers through the latest self-developed architectures and firmware algorithms. For example, wear leveling, RAID technology, SLC mode, garbage collection algorithms, TCG OPAL data encryption, etc., can be executed automatically to provide the stability and reliability industrial applications require, while effectively prolonging SSD. 

Currently, firmware developed for 112-layer stacking (BiCS5) 3D NAND PCIe solid state drives has passed third-party certification, UNH-IOL, as well as NVMe 1.4 compatibility test. Exclusive A Optimal technology has achieved perfect compatibility between flash memory and controllers and our powerful R&D strength has earned professional affirmation.

Upgrading firmware continually to uncover more SSD potential

Firmware is the most important component for ensuring SSD performance. In addition to providing customers with self-developed customized firmware, multiple firmware updating methods are also provided to users. Users can update and monitor factory production site or remote clients through Windows/Linux systems. 

ADATA will continue to introduce secure and high performance algorithm architectures into 3D NAND solid state drives to provide highly reliable and comprehensive application storage solutions for the industrial automation, IoT, and smart application related industries.




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