A⁺ Monitoring

A⁺ Monitoring

A⁺ Monitoring

Exclusive A⁺ Monitoring Technology from ADATA 

A⁺ Monitoring technology from ADATA is designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of monitoring applications. It ensures the smoothness and integrity of videos through exclusive firmware that improves the quality and efficiency of flash memory for recording videos.


Integrated Firmware Architecture Optimizes Digital Security Monitoring

Large amounts of data are transmitted, written, and read when flash memory is recording videos. ADATA has in-depth experience in monitoring application scenarios and has integrated and fine-tuned firmware architecture to prevent frame drops when reading and writing data, optimizing data reading and writing performance for digital security monitoring and ensuring data security. 


A⁺ Monitoring technology from ADATA includes: 

- FUA technology: Real-time video storage to prevent gaps caused by power outages 

- Die RAID technology: Protects video data from damage

A⁺ Security data encryption technology: Includes TCG OPAL 2.0 and AES 256-bit data encryption and write protection, etc. 

- Supports high definition videos (4K high definition recording)


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